1 – Is it really that bad? All homes are not 100 percent.  Most homes will require repairs.  It you really like the house, decide what fixes are deal breakers. You want a home inspector that gives you the facts and is a straight shooter and not get emotional.

2 – Decide who should fix what?  There are some jobs that need a licensed professional however there are some jobs that a handyman can fix.  Many small maintenance items can even be fixed by yourself. Ask your home inspector what he/she thinks?  They may have a good recommendations of people that can address certain items at low cost to you.

3 – Ask your inspector, if this was your house, what you would be willing to fix? Your home inspector will point all the defects in the house.  Not all repairs are necessary. As long is the house allows you to move and is in working order, is what attitude you should adopt. Trulia has recommended that you do the following;

  • What do you feel absolutely needs to be fixed prior to me buying this home?
  • Make a list and prioritize what works best within your budget and then you can negotiate with the seller accordingly
  • Understand that you are going to be a home owner. This responsibility comes with constant maintenance.
  • Make sure you order a home warranty. A good Buyer’s Agent will ask the seller to purchase you a home warranty.

4 – Make sure you home Inspector has a good bedside manner.  Many home inspectors will let you follow them while the inspection is occurring.  Often they will point out specific concerns on what needs to be addressed. This will allow you understanding when you read the report later. If your home inspector does not want to take the time to explain what is going on….you have the wrong inspector.

5 – Ask your inspector how certain things work?  Since you are there alongside the inspector, this is also a great opportunity to ask how certain aspects of your future new home should be maintained.  Such as changing the filter in your furnace, if the pilot light goes out, what is the best way to handle it?  Also how to operate your thermostat correctly or your appliances? How to turn on or shut off the main water valve. Many people often purchase a home and don’t even know how to open their electrical panel. Ask the expert while they are there to now only explain how these items work, but to show you as well.

Our team is here to help you make sure you are protected with all the aspects that occur during the home buying process. If you thinking about purchasing a home and want one of the best Buyer’s agents in Louisville, contact our team today. We are your local Real Estate Experts and are committed to helping you. We work with only the best home inspectors with the highest of integrity.

Making sure you have the right home inspector and knowing the right questions to ask will alleviate much of the stress purchasing a home may cause.