First impressions are always the most important. When it comes to selling your home, your first impression must be lasting. One very important factor of selling your home is the paint colors you choose. Some home buyers might see unflattering paint colors as another expense and choose to not put in an offer. That’s why sellers should always be mindful of the colors they use. Also, putting up a fresh coat of paint in your home before putting your home on the market is very important. This will brighten up your walls and help buyers see the full potential of your home. Here is a list of colors to consider for your home:

1.)    White Exterior- The first thing a buyer sees is the exterior of the home.  If the outside of your home looks weathered, you need to consider painting. Many different hues of white are a great color for the exterior of a home. White not only gives a clean appearance to the home but also makes the home appear larger.  According to a survey, 40 percent of people prefer white homes.  Of course, before selecting the exterior color for your home, you must consider the colors of your neighbors’ homes. You don’t want the color of your home to be vastly different from your neighbors.

2.)    Beige Exterior- Beige is also another great color for the exterior of a home. Because it is a neutral color, it usually blends well with wooded and landscape areas.

3.)    Earth Tones- Earth tones can be a wonderful choice for your interior walls. Browns, greens, blues, some reds and beiges, and oranges reflect nature and in turn create a soothing environment. Earth tones are great in dining rooms and living rooms. You might want to consider earth tones if you have a room that includes wood, stone, metal, or glass.

4.)    Neutral Colors- Neutral colors are usually highly recommended by Realtors and interior designers to sell your home. Neutral colors in the interior of your home photographs very well. You always want great photographs of your home because that is usually the first thing a buyer sees.

5.)    Gray- Gray can be excellent to add chic and urban-sophistication to a home. Gray walls do not mix well with a home that has an overall traditional feel. If you have an overall modern feel to your home, gray walls can look fabulous paired with the right décor.

6.)    Orange and Red- Always be careful when using these colors. Although they can look great in a home, the hues should always be soft and appealing. They are especially good colors for the kitchen to create a vibrant environment. Another color to grab buyer’s attention in the kitchen is yellow.

7.)    Blue- Blue can be great for a bedroom. Light blue especially creates an overall soothing environment. Dark blue can sometimes be attractive as an accent wall in a home but can sometimes turn buyers off. For the purpose of selling your home, stick with light blue only.

8.)    Yellow- Yellow can also be a great color for a bedroom. When paired with white trim, yellow can evoke images of sunlight. Yellow also looks well with stained cabinetry. Do avoid chromatic yellow.

9.)    Brown- Light brown can create warmth in a home. When dark brown is used sparingly, it can create a rich glow. Avoid using too much dark brown. It can create a cave like feeling.

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All in all, certain paint colors can be a huge factor in selling your home. With the right color choices, buyers can help visualize your house as their own.