Mortgage Lenders

Interlinc Mortgage Services
Holly Philpot – Loan Officer
Cell: 502-498-4249

United Financial Group, LLC Mortgage Solutions
John Dziedzic
Cell: 502-396-9234

Home Inspectors

Kentucky State Home Inspections
Jonathan Meese
Phone: 502-501-4868

Wright Choice Home Inspections
Nick Wright
Phone: 502-822-6484

Home Inspection Services
Doug Smith
Phone: 502-423-7575

Haystack Inspections
Eric Hay
Phone: 502-528-9255

Title Companies

Louisville Title Agency
Julie Domian – Title Agent
Cell: 502-903-0330

Borders and Borders Title Company
Carmen Keener – Title Agent
Cell: 502-894-9200

Repair Contractors

Dennis Smithson – 502-386-7453

John Kawalt – 502-409-2160

Tony Bratcher – 502-654-4828

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Email or call 502-548-2140, and we will be happy to help you.

The Jodie Wild Team