You are thinking about moving.  You are not sure what to do?  Well you have come to the best place for information.  Despite what you may feel, buying a home is super easy, especially if you work with our team.

1 – Your first step is to talk to a lender.  A lender will help you decide what price range will fit most comfortably within your budget.  There are many lenders online, however I have found that working with a local lender leads to the best possible outcome. Please contact our team for a list of reputable lenders, or check out our Helpful Numbers page for contacts to great lenders. Your lender will also discuss what sort of down payment will need based on the program you choose.   You will also need to plan for closings costs.

2 – Finding the best Buyer’s agent.  The Jodie Wild Team has helped Buyer’s purchase homes for many years (See our team’s testimonials here). We are dedicated to helping you find the best home and get the greatest deal possible. People choose us because of the following;

  1. We have expert Knowledge of the Home Buying Process.
  2. We know this market better than anyone.
  3. We are great at negotiating great deals.
  4. We work SUPER hard just for YOU.
  5. Please contact our team.

3 – Searching for a home online.  Once you find a lender and decide what fits most comfortably within your budget, you will need to start looking online. The best place to start looking is Use our search feature for updated listings. This is a helpful tool that gives you access to the most updated listings available in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Many people like to use popular sites such as, Zillow, and Trulia.  Although these sites do offer entertainment value, they are not the most updated site and do not offer a realistic view of our local Louisville Market.  Narrowing your search to 6 houses is the best use of your time.  Most folks find their home the first time they go out with an agent to look at homes in person.

4 – Previewing Homes. Working with a Buyer’s Agent from The Jodie Wild Team, you are able to look at homes at times that work within your schedule.  We work evening, weekends, and even Holidays. We know how important it is to make the best use of your time and are committed to helping you.

5 – Find the best home and make an offer.  When you find the perfect home, our team will conduct a cumulative market analysis (CMA) and will show you comparable homes that have sold recently that represent market value.  Then we will work with you, putting together a negotiation plan that works best for you and your needs when making an offer on your home. Now it is time to make an offer.   All you need to make an offer is a pre-approval letter from your lender and an earnest money deposit.  This can be between $500.00 and $1000.00 depending on the type of home.

6 – Setting up the home inspection.  Our team will help you with finding a great home inspection.  We want to help you make sure that this house is a good home. We have a great list of reputable Home Inspectors.

7 – Submitting documents to your lender.  After we help you get your dream home for the best price possible, you will need to make sure your lender has all the necessary documents.  At this point, your lender has ordered a title search with your title company to make sure that there are no lien’s or back taxes on your property.  If this is the case, the seller will have to make sure the title is clean prior to closing.

8 – Ordering the appraisal. Once you have all your documents required by the lender and apply for your loan, you will want to order your appraisal. Having an appraisal will make sure that your house is worth what you are paying for.

9 – Final walk-thru.  At this point your loan has been approved and you have received a “clear to close”. We will do a walk-thru to make sure that all repairs have been completed and the house looks great.

10 – The closing. This is a 1 hour meeting where you and I will meet with the Seller’s and their agent. You will sign all the loan documents, the deed and title. Then you get the keys and it is …..

TIME TO MOVE!!!  Congratulations.  You are now officially a home owner.

See how easy this is!